Faith Writings

And Write It On My Soul

Walking in the nighttime near
Facing faithfully my fear
Seeking places waiting here
To plant a faithful seed

A journey's soul has now begun
To teach my spirit from the sun
With every simple kindness done
I mark my self indeed

When the clouds of fear display
Of hopelessness to find the way
I bow my head and softly pray
To trust the One above

Then my world is full of light
Gone the demons of the night
For in the arms of all that's right
Is everlasting love

As I recall the different things
That cause my joy and lift my wings
The promise that the rainbow brings
Those things that make me whole

Are many moment's days gone by
When if I laugh or if I cry
I take the truth that fills the sky
And write it on my soul

© 02/14/2009, Stephanie Mott

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