Faith Writings

Steph Went to Church

It is just noon, and this has already been the most glorious day

My spirit is filled with God and the love of my new sisters

I am truly blessed

For this is the day that Stephanie first worshiped the Lord, as herself

Eight and a half months ago I was drinking and dying, desperately trying, to find myself

When I finally turned everything over to God

I began my walk down a path to the happy and joyous freedom

Which has allowed me to truly begin my life as a woman

For those eight and a half months

I have been an unborn child in the womb of God

And today, I am born again

Only yesterday, my most wonderful sister

Helped me choose my dress and shoes and purse

And just the right ear rings

This incredible woman, who knew who I was

Even before I was completely certain myself

Sitting beside me today and sharing the hymnal

Her love, removing any lingering trace of incorrectness in my mind

My heart and soul soared in awesome wonder

Other gracious and loving sisters

Sharing their poetry, with tender thoughts, that will never be forgotten

Introducing themselves to Steph and bestowing hugs of sisterhood

Praying as I took communion

God, bless Your daughter, for the faith she has shown in You . . .

Steven is not gone, I am a woman in progress

Still discovering which parts of him, I will I carry with me

Many more steps to take, many obstacles to overcome

But as I signed the attendance card, Stephanie Mott, I reflected

The church was so warm and welcoming

As it had been before, when Steven attended

For me, it held an overwhelming feeling - truth and self in the eyes of the Lord

An entire lifetime of denial and deceit, erased instantly

My spirit is filled with God's presence and approval

Unleashed forever, empowered to be me

God smiled on me this Sunday, as Steph went to church

© 07/23/2006, Stephanie Mott

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