Faith Writings

Listen to the Sound of the Light

Listen to the sound of the light, see the beauty of the sound
Feel the freedom of surrender, walk in the air on the ground

Hear the music of the rainbow, taste the palate with your eye
Breathe the air of forgiveness, touch the stars in the sky

Celebrate your uniqueness, treasure the same in another
Find the strength in a weakness, of yourself, sister or brother

Look for the person inside, when someone brings you rain
Remember you used to hide, the person in you, in pain

Learn the lessons behind you, seek the promise of the day
Dream the dreams of your soul, choose the words that you say

Teach the truth of believing, love the life that you live
Give the gift of receiving, receive the gift you give

Let your gentleness show, comfort someone in sorrow
Trust the things that you know, and know that they'll change tomorrow

Sing the song of another, break bread with a friend
Praise the Lord every morning, 'til your day has reached an end

© 10/31/2007, Stephanie Mott

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