Faith Writings

Somewhere in the Light
Also a song on YouTube

Somewhere in the light within the darkness
Hidden in the moment of the day
Lives the precious freedom of surrender
With the truth I never used to say

Close my eyes and listen to my heartbeat
The miracle of life I seldom see
Lest I see,  I can not see the thank you
Without the thank you I am never free

For always every moment I am chasing
The many things I think I do not own
Then I fight in fear and desperation
Fight to find the peace I've never known

Now without a doubt I know the problem
People who don't hear me when I share
A world that doesn't see me as a person
And a God that sometimes doesn't seem to care

Then one night when all is lost and hopeless
I find myself in tears upon my knees
Praying to the God who doesn't listen
Praying simply, "show me, would you please"

In the darkness I receive the answer
God shows me just exactly what to do
Go and be the person I created
I know you, and I chose you, to be you

All my lifetime everything I've needed
Has been there, but today I choose to see
The problem all along was not the world
I could not find my peace, being anyone but me

In this truth all other truth can happen
Surrender means I choose to stop the fight
The moment of the day is all we have
In the darkness everything is somewhere in the light

© 11/13/2008, Stephanie Mott

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