Faith Writings

Sometimes God Likes the Scenic Route

I walk down a path where I can't see the end
Never for sure what lies 'round the bend
Often I wish a map I would find
I could see the things that God has in mind

Or maybe life could be a straight line
Surely everything then would be fine
But there is a plan and there is no doubt
Sometimes God likes the scenic route

Each passing day is a roll of the dice
If you get doubles, you get to roll twice
If you land on a square that says go back ten spaces
You have the chance to see the missed places

A spot on the board says start over again
And that's what you do if you're hoping to win
So what does it take to win at this game
It's not about gaining fortune or fame

Rather walking a path where you can't see the end
Never knowing for sure what lies 'round the bend
Seeing each day as a chance to be kind
And seeking and trusting what God has in mind

© 11/12/2006, Stephanie Mott

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