Faith Writings

It's Hard to Understand

It is hard to understand why
Other people are the way they are
Some people often wonder how a woman
Could be in love with another woman
That a person could be male on the outside
And female within
A lot of folks have trouble with things like this sometimes
Seemingly finding it threatening to their own way of life
As if accepting what they do not experience
Somehow makes them less legitimate

Or perhaps they just can not see
That we are all different
And all the same
Perfect creations of God

Why don't they understand
How is it that some don't see
How much wonder and truth there is
So much to be gained
So much to learn

Only by seeing the immeasurable value
In all human life
In all life
Are you legitimized at all
And then I have to remember
They too are God's perfect creations
It is not my place to know

Only to accept that God has a plan
Which is so great
It is far beyond
My limited ability
To understand

© 07/16/2006, Stephanie Mott

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