Faith Writings

In One . . . Split . . . Second

In one . . . split . . . second

Every nerve ending in your entire body is simultaneously heightened & relaxed
And you feel more alive than in all the split seconds of a lifetime before, put together

All the pain, all the hardship, all the wreckage
Instantly cease to be why you can't
And suddenly become why you must

Fear becomes something to be walked through

The emptiness, the all consuming nothingness
The ever present absence of the soul, is gone

God says, I am here, I have always been here, I will always be here, for you
And you finally hear

When you close your eyes, and you fall to your knees
And you bow your head, and you softly say
God, please help me, to be the person, You want me, to be

In one . . . split . . . second

© 03/06/2009, Stephanie Mott

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