Faith Writings

I Have Heard the Song in the Trees

I have heard the song in the trees

Where the branches are the strings of a perfect violin

And the wind is the fingertips of God 

I have seen the story in the stars

Where the infinite beginning and the everlasting end

Are more that just a glorious facade 

I have known the measure of my heart

As the depth of pain destroyed all hope

The beating still continued through the night 

And I have felt the glory of my soul

When the pain was more than bearable

God turned the horrid darkness into light 

Now I hear the voice of the Lord

I bow my head and from my heart

I speak to the promise of the breeze 

Then I open up myself

My ears, my eyes, my heart and soul . . .

I have heard the song in the trees


© 04/21/2009, Stephanie Mott

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