Faith Writings

He, or She, or It

He, or she, or it
Just letters, in a row
People share their thoughts a bit
As if they really know

To me, God is the total sum
Of everything that's good
More than simple flesh and blood
Neither man nor womanhood

A hospital in Africa
Where missionaries try
With their blood, and flesh, and tears
So babies might not die

The beauty of the setting sun
The miracle of birth
Milk that flows from mother's breast
This thing we call the Earth

The quiet passing of an hour
A soul who lends a hand
The color of a wild flower
A zillion times across the land 

A simple thing that brings a smile
Light that shows the way
Joyful laughter of a child
Peacefully at play

The passing of a loved one
Their human flame no longer lit
The knowledge that they're in the care
Of he, or she, or it

© 07/05/2006, Stephanie Mott

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