Too many transgender people struggle to believe that they can be who they are and still have a relationship with God. No matter what we believe about God's plan for us, surely it does not include creating obstacles for anyone to have a relationship with God.

Once, I listened (online) to a sermon by a pastor who spent an hour talking about how he thought, based on his understanding of God, that the United States government should execute people who are gay. I went to the town in Kansas where his church was and did a public presentation in the local library about my faith journey. When the local newspaper asked me why I was coming there at that time, if I was coming there in response to the pastor's sermon, I simply told them that I wanted people to hear a different message - a message of hope.

My hope, is to share a message of God's unconditional love for all people.

Still, there is a great absence of understanding about what it means to be transgender. Unfortunately, for many people, being transgender becomes the definition of who we are. It is only one part of who we are. My hope it to allow anyone who wants it, the opportunity to see the person, who happens to be transgender.

So that would be my mission - to offer the message that a person can be transgender and have a loving relationship with God - to share the message of God's unconditional love for all people - and to share my humanity with anyone who is willing to learn.


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