Additional Writings

When Your Soul Aches

I do not often experience feelings like this anymore.

However, I often see feelings like this in others.

It reminds me of the pain and tells me that I must strive

To make the world  a different place.


Like a cold and bitter wind

That blows incessantly

Through the inside of every cell in your body

So deep that no amount of warmth and light

Can even begin to bring it comfort

Devastation such that self-destruction

Offers a strange pleasure

So bound that escape is any moment you can forget

And so hopeless that death beckons

Every moment that you can't

Pain that searches frantically for anything harder

So consumed that you can't even see

Through your own eyes

Weakness that denies you the strength to be angry

Fear that embraces danger without feeling

And shame that assures you

That you deserve to be where you are

This is where you go

When your soul aches


© 10/19/2007, Stephanie Mott

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