Additional Writings

Then Two Will Take My Place

You can throw me into life's trash can
But I will climb out
Again and again 

You can take from me the things
That you take for granted 

You can force me to live as less than
But you can not cause me to be less than 

You can refuse to get to know me
Then tell the world who I am 

You can claim righteousness by the fact that you are not like me
Then invoke the very God who created us both to make your case

You can cross the street to avoid me
Pretend you do not see me 
Then wait to jump me in the alley 

You can beat my spirit until only God can keep it alive
But you can not silence me
Unless you kill me

Then two will take my place

In honor of those who have walked openly in the light
In memory of those who have suffered the violence of fear and oppression
Transgender Day of Remembrance - 2008

© 11/20/2008, Stephanie Mott

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