Additional Writings

Story of Steph

Somewhere -
In the inner most traces of thought
At the very edge of the human soul
On the threshold of everything right and true
She is
She has always been

Yesterday -
Her precious womanhood was bound
By the ties of fear and fortune
Her spirit kept from the light

Today -
She begins her journey into life itself
Both fearless and afraid
Emotions flow into and out of her
With the force of an ocean's tides
And the tenderness of a single flake of snow
Floating gently on the cold still air
She can no longer deny
Nor be denied
All that is
And all that must be

Someday -
She will sing and dance
For all the world
Impassioned voice
Of pure and welcomed truth
Graceful steps to places
Once only found in dreams
What was wrong
Will fade
Into irretrievable memories
Of existence that never truly was
Only then will she fly
On the wings of destiny

© 05/01/2006, Stephanie Mott

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