Additional Writings

Stop Pretending

Close your eyes and pretend for a minute
That you are a man

Your heart, your mind, your soul
All female
But your body quite male

Imagine how it would feel
To see amazing women all around
Watch them move, see their clothing
Seeing your very essence in each one
And believing you will never truly live

Picture looking at your image in the mirror
And knowing that you are viewing someone else

Visualize how it would be
To make love to a woman
All the while longing that you were in her place

Think of the deceit and turmoil required
To steal even moments as yourself
Always in fear of being found out
Never being able to exist out in the open

All these things and more with you constantly
How do you escape this horrible existence
Stop pretending

© 08/19/2006, Stephanie Mott

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