Additional Writings

Stephanie Went to Work

There would be good days and bad days.

Problems with pronouns and bathrooms.

But on this day,

The impossible came true.


The impossible came true today

The unimaginable soared beyond imagination

Past hope and dreams

Into truth and correctness

How I wondered what would be on this day

Stephanie's first day at work

I remembered my thoughts and feelings

As I sat in my pickup

Before going to church as myself

Eleven months before

To be, or not

To do, or don't

To live, or die

The one thought that constantly prevailed

If not now, when

I prayed while I waited on the bus

My prayers were answered by a friendly wave

By a greeting of glad to see you

As I stepped on the bus


With "Good morning, Stephanie"

As I entered the workplace


And with an overwhelming outpouring

Of love and acceptance

From people I had so hoped

Would be alright with this

From people with whom

I had not previously spoken

I must be doing something right

God smiles on me a lot these days

But you people

Who have always been important to me

Are now as precious to me as anything in the world

How do I say thank you

When so many people

Hold the doors of life wide open for me

At least there is something left for the impossible

And the unimaginable

I suppose that all I can do is just try to be there

If any of you ever need anything

Bless you all

© 06/25/2007, Stephanie Mott

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