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Not Bathroom Bills -- Crimes Against Humanity

It is not surprising, in a nation undeniably known for its proliferation in setting up systems to dehumanize and disadvantage sectors of its own population, some of the people charged with protecting all of our citizens have escalated the attack on transgender Americans. It is, however, extraordinarily sad.

There are many worrisome words being thrown out to the winds of wickedness, but they are not the words of transgender and gender non-conforming Americans. They are the words of people who have elevated themselves into positions of jurisdiction and judgement about love and life. It seems these people believe people who are TGNC (transgender and gender-nonconforming) don’t have the right to exist.

Closer examination uncovers a likelihood that those attacking TGNC human beings are not really interested in TGNC human beings at all. We are just all they have left. No one else vulnerable enough to pick on. No means left available to claim their “inalienable right” to tell other people what to do. To lift themselves up by holding someone down. Let’s examine.

3 things happened:

1. We elected a black president — twice. 
2. Marriage equality became the law of the land.
3. It is common knowledge that minority populations will outnumber white populations in the near future.

3 things ensued:

1. Old, white, Christian, heterosexual, cisgender, men can no longer envision the day when their great grandsons will be the dominant race; the controlling population.
2. In spite of their desperation, they can’t do anything to stop it.
3. They are the generation who is responsible for letting this happen.

After more than 500 years, they are losing their grip on power. It’s just a matter of time. Really, the only question left is if they are willing to throw the country into civil war again. as a last desperate act of trying to hold on.

They are afraid. Not afraid of the loss of moral compass in the United States. They are afraid the United States will find its moral compass and realize we need to follow the last 6 words of the Pledge of Allegiance — with liberty and justice for all.

They should be afraid. For more than 500 years, they have been doing everything humanly possible to dehumanize millions of Americans. These millions of Americans are on the threshold of coming into rightful power. Millions of people who have suffered needlessly. Millions of people who have right and reason to be exceedingly angry.

What has happened, and what is happening, are crimes against humanity. Genocide of indigenous peoples. Slavery. Denial of basic rights to women. Interment of Japanese Americans. Institutionalized racism. Christianist ideology. Criminalization of sexual orientation. Legislation of gender identity. And many, many more.

Legislation of gender identity. It is a crime against humanity. Trans and gender non-conforming people are dying.

I don’t reckon I am going to use the men’s room no matter what laws they make and what fears they throw out to the winds of wickedness. I am no longer willing to deny my own identity. I am not willing to watch them destroy the lives of transgender youth so they can feel powerful for a little while longer.

So, there it is. Their white, Christian, heterosexual, cisgender grandsons will not be the dominant race and controlling population; and they know their generation has allowed it to happen.

I know it can’t happen soon enough.

© May 20, 2016, Stephanie Mott

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