Additional Writings

Mom, Look At Me

Once you carried me inside you
I can imagine the dreams you held for me
Just wanting me to be happy, being me

Once you held me in your hands
I can feel the love you gave to me

Once you taught me
I know of the hopes you nurtured for me
Sometimes, when I would learn
You would smile for me
And I would say, "Mom, look at me!"

Often you must have feared for me
You watched me be lost
Unable to help me find me

One day you left me
I held your hand and washed your face
As you slipped away
But you are still with me
Many times I have called on you
Seeking comfort and guidance

Now I have finally found me
I am happy, just being me
And I believe that you smile for me
"Mom, look at me!"

© 06/19/2007, Stephanie Mott

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