Additional Writings

The Moment of Truth

This was written of the eve of the day when I was about to share my truth
with two friends who are very important in my life.


Here it is

Many steps are taken
So far

No bridges burned

With the next few steps

I cross a final bridge into womanhood

Steps I once believed were unreachable

Lay at my feet

Everything for which I have always hoped

Is now becoming truth


Pushed and pulled in both directions

Pulled forward by successes

Pushed back by fear

Pulled back by the very reality of what pushes forward

A strange fire of resistance

Fueled by what if

Drenched in what if not

Ignited again by demons desperate to hold on

Doused by the life force

Which is unwilling to succumb

Protected by love

Drawn to the light

Will the fire burn

Will the bridge go down in flames

If so

Will it be before me

Or behind me

I trust that God will guide me

This is THE truth

The moment of truth

God's will be done

© 06/20/2007, Stephanie Mott

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