Additional Writings

It Was Just a Vote

It was just a vote

It didn't really count

One took Kansas while the other took the nation

Nancy swept away by an amber wave ingrained

The place & purpose of love distorted, from sea to solemn sea

It didn't really count

On this day of victory and loss

Stephanie cast her vote, her first

She is allowed to vote

So much is still denied

Surely, it should count

The dream

Forty-years before, impossible

Surely, it does count

Her vote on this historic day, in this historic place

This building of Brown vs Board

And it did count

To the lady behind the table who asked, Your name is Steven?

My name is Stephanie, but my legal name is Steven

Why is your name Steven?

I am transsexual

. . . silence . . .

I was born male in body, female in spirit . . .

And the other lady, behind the other table, who just smiled

Yes, it did count

Leaving, vote cast

Sticker proudly placed atop her left breast

When the same two ladies said, Goodbye Stephanie

In that moment

It was about more

How much more could it count

It was just a vote

© 11/11/2008, Stephanie Mott

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