Additional Writings

Goodbye, Steven, Goodbye

I sat there in a chair
The wind was blowing gently
Perfectly smoothing the edge of the warm shining sun
As I watched the little ones play, and the older ones visit, I realized
This is the beginning of goodbye

This may be the last time you visit here
You are going away
Disappearing into the ever evolving, always increasing presence
That is Steph

Something like losing a friend
A friend that I have known for as long as I can remember
Not the person I would have imagined would be there
Nor the person I might have chosen, given the chance
But the person who was there
Who did what needed to be done
I have come to trust you, to count on you
You did the best you could, and the were times of joy
You carried my spirit, until this day, unto this place

It will not be move over Steven
It will not be let go for now
It will be goodbye
And the day is fast approaching when you will not be here
Never again

I will call upon your memory from time to time
Finding something in you that I need to carry on
Goodbye,  Steven

© 05/22/2007, Stephanie Mott

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