Additional Writings

From a Seed, a Flower

The seed, existing, nothing more

Struggling desperately to survive

The endless, hopeless bitter winter

Scarcely able to dream of even

The smallest of possibilities

That lay in wait

Comes the Spring, a new hope

Earth, air, water and light come together

She sheds her once believed to be permanent shell

The first precious signs of life begin to stir

Tiny beginnings of transformation

Tender tap root pushing slowly

Silently into the unknown

Simply trusting that what she needs will be there

Sprouting, almost imperceptibly at first

Driven by the yet undefined forces

Of what is and what will be.

At her most vulnerable moment

She breaks through the hardened crust

Of what once was

And emerges into the pure clean air of truth

As though she has a right to be there

As she begins to reveal herself

This tiny new seedling is welcomed

By the comfort of the warm shining sun

Renewed by the gentle rain

And nurtured by the very foundation

That before had seemed to block her way

Protected by the hand of God

And the ever growing strength that comes

As she reaches outward

And extends the foundation of support produced

By the laying of roots in fertile ground

Embracing the air and the light

She stretches toward the sky

On a fantastic journey

Of truth, life, love and self-discovery

Seemingly fearless, as she faces every moment

With the exuberance of a child

The passion that comes with purpose

And the determination that is normally reserved

For those to whom the only alternative

Is imminent death

The storms and dangers, that sometimes come

Do not threaten her existence

She grows and learns to grow toward the light

It is then

That the first tiny pink buds

Begin to develop


She will be in full bloom

But for now

She wonders

Just what kind of flower

Will she be

© 10/19/2007, Stephanie Mott

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