Additional Writings

On the Eve of Forever

Tomorrow, I take a step

That I have longed for forever

I take a step

That will change things forever

I return to work, as myself

Excited, nervous, happy, anxious

A little scared and completely at peace

No idea what to expect

I've played out many things that might be

Some seem to be more likely than others

The goods and the bads

The rights and the wrongs

There are no for certains

Except for these things

In my heart, I believe without doubt

That this is the path God has chosen for me

Now is the time

The fear of not taking this step

Is far greater than the fear of taking it

My entire life has been in preparation for it

It contains the possibility of opening the doors wide

For me to live as my true self

And the possibility of changing the world

Just a little bit for the better

For those who still are afraid to be themselves

© 06/24/2007, Stephanie Mott

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